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The Structural Design Unit (SDU) provides engineering consultancy services in the form of structural design of projects that are awarded to the company from both the public and private sectors, which includes design of highway bridges, tunnels, and culverts. In addition, SDU provides auditing and supervision services of construction of bridges and tunnels that are awarded to the company as site supervision projects. Also the SDU oversees the design of commercial and residential buildings, as well as, inspection and safety assessment of existing facilities including proposing programs for rehabilitation and proper maintenance of these facilities. The Unit implements its tasks through highly qualified technical staff with long experience and wide scientific knowledge and professional distinctive competence in the company's headquarter office in Riyadh/Saudi Arabia and its regional office in Amman/Jordan.


Structural Assessment and Rehabilitation of Buildings and Bridges

Complete design services, which includes:


Highway Bridges, Tunnels and Culverts


Commercial and Residential Buildings

Construction Site Supervision

Construction management

Feasibility studies

Site surveys and investigations